Slowly but surely all my planning is coming together, as the offers of places to stay come in, so I am able to get my exact route mapped out and written down

There will be a few posts of this nature which will show everyone where I am riding from, through and to, so anyone wishing to join me in riding, or fundraising or being part of a cheering squad this is the place to find all the locations. If you recognise a place along the route and wish to say hello please let me know so that I can stop and chat

The route can be found at this link on Strava… 62.1 mi Road Cycling Route on Strava


DAY ONE…. Wednesday June 12th


Many thanks to my good friend and trekking buddy, Charlie Staples for organising my first nights accommodation

Starting at the Nuffield Health Gym at Chichester Gate and leaving at 09.00 towards Bournmouth


Starting at The Nuffield Gym, Chichester


Proceed onto Terminus Road Left onto Stockbridge Road Continue on A286 0.1 Continue on Southgate 0.2 Continue 0.2 Continue on A286 0.2 Left 0.3 Continue on Via Ravenna 0.3 Continue 0.8 Continue on Cathedral Way 0.9 Left onto Fishbourne Roundabout 1.1 Proceed onto Fishbourne Roundabout 1.1 Continue on A259 1.2 Proceed onto Fishbourne Road West 1.2 Continue on Main Road 2.0 Right 2.9 Left onto Brooks Lane 3.3 Right onto Main Road 3.3 Continue on A259 3.6 Left onto Delling Lane 3.6 Proceed onto Delling Lane 3.6 Left onto A259 3.6 Continue on Main Road 4.8 Left onto A259 7.5 Continue on Havant Road 7.5 Continue 8.7 Continue on A259 8.7 Right 8.8 Continue on Emsworth Road 8.8 Continue on East Street 9.2 Right onto North Street 9.5 Left onto Elm Lane 9.6 Right onto Park Road North 9.8 Left onto New Road roundabout 10.0 Continue on New Road 10.1 Right onto Chidham Drive 10.2 Left onto New Road 10.2 Continue on Bedhampton Road 10.5 Continue on Belmont Junction 11.0 Continue on Portsdown Hill Road 11.0 Left onto Southwick Hill Road 14.3 Continue on James Callaghan Drive 14.3 Continue on Portsdown Hill Road 15.9 Continue on Down End Road 17.1 Right onto Cams Hill 18.0 Continue on Delme Roundabout 18.4 Continue 18.4 Continue on Delme Roundabout 18.5 Continue on Eastern Way 18.5 Continue on Quay Street Roundabout 18.9 Continue on Western Way 19.0 Continue on Station Roundabout 19.5 Continue on The Avenue 19.5 Continue on Titchfield Gyratory 21.1 Continue on Southampton Road 21.3 Continue on St Margarets Roundabout 22.0 Continue on Southampton Road 22.0 Continue on A27 22.5 Left onto Segensworth Roundabout 23.1 Continue on A27 23.1 Continue 23.4 Continue on A27 23.4 Left 23.6 Right onto Bridge Road 23.6 Left 23.9 Continue on A27 23.9 Continue on Bridge Road 23.9 Continue on A27 25.5 Continue on Bridge Road 25.5 Continue on Oak Hill 26.0 Left onto Portsmouth Road 26.1 Continue on Lowford Hill 26.4 Continue 26.7 Continue on Manor Close 26.7 Right onto Elmslie Gardens 26.7 Left onto Portsmouth Road 26.8 Continue 29. 0 Continue on Itchen Bridge 29.1 Left onto Saltmarsh Road 29.8 Continue on Royal Crescent Road 29.9 Right onto Canute Road 30.0 Continue on Platform Road 30.1 Continue on Town Quay 30.3 Right onto High Street 30.5 Left onto West Street 30.7 Right onto Castle Way 30.8 Continue on Portland Terrace 30.9 Continue on Havelock Road 31.3 Continue on Cumberland Place 31.4 Continue on Commercial Road 31.4 Continue on Fourposts Hill 31.7 Continue on A3057 31.7 Continue on Shirley Road 31.7 Continue on Millbrook Road East 31.7 Continue 32.4 Left onto Third Avenue 33.0 Right 33.6 Right onto Second Avenue 33.7 Continue 34.2 Right onto Bartram Road 35.4 Left onto Totton By-Pass 35.4 Left 35.6 Continue on Spicer’s Hill 35.7 Continue 35.9 Continue on Spicer’s Hill 35.9 Continue 36.1 Left onto Hunters Hill 36.5 Continue on A35 36.9 Continue on Lyndhurst Road 37.0 Continue on A35 37.3 Continue on Lyndhurst Road 37.4 Continue on A35 37.7 Continue on Southampton Road 37.8 Right onto Woodlands Road 37.8 Left 37.8 Right onto Lyndhurst Road 38.3 Continue on Southampton Road 38.9 Continue on High Street 40.2 Continue on Gosport Lane 40.3 Right onto A35 40.6 Right onto Chapel Lane 40.7 Continue on Bournemouth Road 41.2 Continue on A35 41.4 Continue on Warwickslade Bridge 43.2 Continue on A35 43.3 Continue 43.8 Continue on Dogkennel Bridge 45.3 Continue 45.3 Right onto Forest Road 47.0 Right 48.1 Continue on Moortown Lane 48.3 Left onto Christchurch Road 51.2 Continue on B3347 52.3 Continue on Avon Causeway 55.2 Left 56.9 Left onto Christchurch Road 57.2 Continue on B3073 57.7 Continue on Hurn Road 57.8 Left 58.3 Continue on Hurn Road 58.3 Continue on B3073 58.7 Continue on The Grove 58.7 Right onto A35 59.4 Right onto Barrack Road 59.4 Continue on New Iford Bridge 59.6 Continue on Christchurch Road 59.7 Right 59.7 Right onto Castle Lane East 59.8 Continue on A3060 60.7 Right onto Castle Lane West 60.8 Continue 61.4 Continue on Castle Lane West 61.4 Left 61.6 Left onto East Way 61.8 Right 62.0 Right onto East Way 62.0 Arrive at Finish 62.1

Stopping at West Quay for lunch at mile 31

The days ride will be approx 62.15 miles, which has an elevation gain of 2846 feet, so a nice warm up for those big hills I will be facing later on along the way!

Moving time is approx 6 hours 10 mins, but I plan to stop every ten miles or every hour for a quick water stop, and to down some Powerbar Fuel, I will also be stopping for lunch at the Quay in Southampton at around mile 31, plus plenty of photos and videos along the way, looking at arriving at my accommodation at 17.00 that evening.

Looking at heading to the Pier at Bournemouth on my first evening for some photo opportunities with my hosts for the night  Charlie and Pete Staples


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  1. So looking forward to supporting you Kenny in this epic challlenge…… and having a well deserved hydrating pint. 🍺.xxxx

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