The Last Few Places, Can You Help?

Over the last few weeks I’ve been busy with contacting places all over the UK with the hope that I can get accommodation sorted for each day of my challenge.

So after many friends jumped straight in and offered me places to stay around the UK this lead to an amazing start and the route could then be planned

I then decided to send a number of emails to Hotels, B&Bs, Guest Houses, Pubs and Lodges along my route and kept my fingers crossed that I would get the odd reply, and hopefully positive ones

Well the replies started to come and they just kept coming!

The UK really is full of kind and generous people, I’ve been offered so many lovely places to stay by some really great people who wanted to help because of my story, many of these places will have their links to their websites added to this website very soon, so if your looking for places to stay in the future please support these amazing hosts for supporting me

The most amazing thing now is that I only have just 7 places left to find accommodation for

If anyone can help, if you know anyone in any of the following areas that can put me up, I would be very grateful


DAY 16 JUNE 27TH…Scafell Pike Area

DAY 24 JULY 5TH…Bettyhill

DAY 27 JULY 8TH…Bettyhill

DAY 30 JULY 11TH…Inverness

DAY 32 JULY 13TH…Aberdeen

DAY 38 JULY 19TH…Sunderland

DAY 39 JULY 20TH…Middlesbrough

Please pass on my email or forward me any details so that I can get in touch



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