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So today I popped into my local radio station, Spirit FM in Chichester, to talk about my challenge for next year, never the easiest of conversations sat in a studio with a microphone inches from your face, but it was an air conditioned studio (which was a blessing, having just driven from a roof I’ve been working on in the blistering heat!) and Simon is a great interviewer as he keeps everything relaxed, Simon and all the guys at Spirit are always really supportive on all of my challenges and fundraising and always look forward to seeing me and to see what new crazy idea I’ve come up with!

So I began with mentioning that I will be starting my epic 50 day ride on Wednesday June 12th at The Nuffield Gym in Chichester Gate and will return 50 days later back at The Nuffield Gym on Wednesday July 31st around 15.00

July 31st is my sisters Birthday and the day I return Kathleen should of been celebrating her 50th Birthday, so it made sense to do a 50 day challenge in Kathleen’s memory

I then gave a brief description of each days destination throughout the 2655 miles, Simon asked how long will I be riding for each day, I told him up to 12 hours a day which hopefully should included stopping for views and pit-stops as well as stopping to catch my breath after the many many steep hills around the UK!!

I went on to mention that I am looking for individuals that would like to get involved in fundraising for me, by simply taking a collection tin to your local shop can help no end, or even a cake sale at work or coffee morning. I hope to raise 50 grand from this ride which the Multiple Sclerosis Trust will put to excellent use, to help the many thousands living with the symptoms of MS in the UK, the Multiple Sclerosis Trust, really is an amazing charity, who I have been involved with since autumn 2004, they are doing a massive job for such a small charity and they rely on the kindness and generosity of donations so that they can give all those living with MS the help, support and advice they so desperately need.

I also mentioned that I would like local businesses involved, donations from this area would be truly amazing and in turn they would get company names and logos on my cycling kit, panniers and mentions on social media throughout training and during the event

Support on route was another subject, from accommodation to a hot meal or shower, from cheering squads to anyone who would like to join me on any stage of the ride, as well as anyone who would like to join me climbing the UKs three highest mountains on foot!

Lastly I mentioned this website and how this is a hub for the entire challenge, including all the media and fundraising, all the links are here, from social media to my online donation page to the links of my generous supporters and sponsors to the Multiple Sclerosis Trust Web site

Please copy the links and share them to your Facebook or Twitter accounts, you never know who might be able to help just by seeing your post!

If you know of anyone that would like to get involved in any way what so ever then do get in touch via the contact details on this site

Check out Spirit FM and listen out for my radio chat with Simon Fielding on 96.6 FM 102.3 FM or 106.6 FM or click on their web site at  https://www.spiritfm.net

Be Good


Outside the studios of Spirit Fm, with Head of News, Simon Fielding

3 thoughts on “Local Radio Interview At Spirit FM”

  1. Pup!
    You are going to do amazing, what a great challenge to do for Auntie Kathleen’s 50th birthday memorial! I am very proud of you and can not wait to follow you through your journey around the UK
    Lots of Love Amy

  2. Hi Kenny,
    I’m really inspired by your story and wish you all the very best in this amazing challenge recognising your sister’s 50th Birthday!! Well done.
    I too have MS, diagnosed 3 years now and would love to help out. You are more than welcome to stay at ours on your first night (we live in Wimborne, just a few miles from Bournemouth, but en route to Dorchester, sort of) or pitch your tent in our garden. We will of course have dinner for you and a hearty breakfast to get you on your way the following day!! 😁 Give me a shout if this will help!! Good luck with the planning, wishing you all the very best for this wonderful challenge for MS Trust.
    Thank you!

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