Amongst all the tasks on the ‘lots to do’ list, is the diet and fitness, which thanks to Nuffield Health Gym Chichester I am well into.

The guys there have put together a daily fitness plan and have guided me with a good diet plan

So my goal is to lose 2.5 stone, around 33lbs or 15kg in weight and hold it there for the challenge to make the cheeky inclines that much more user friendly

For some weeks now I have been on a Monday to Friday strict diet which sees me staying clear of just about everything I love to eat,  no meat, bread, cakes, processed foods, crisps chocolate and no beer!!

My daily diet includes a banana for breakfast, and fish, boiled eggs, carrots, spring onions, tomatoes, orange and blueberries for lunch, throughout the day I will drink herbal teas, and around a litre of water.

In the evenings, two cups of normal tea(no sugar) and two pints of freshly squeezed fruit juice in soda, this is usually, lemon, lime and orange, I have a non meat dinner with at least three veg, either, fish, eggs, or a vegetable dish, rice or soups. At the weekends I do eat meat and bread, but in moderation and I will have the odd beer if the occasion fits!

When I feel like snacking in the evenings I will grab a hand full of grapes or a few strawberries

I feel so much better following this diet and the pounds are falling off steadily, around two lbs a week, but with the fitness program I am on the right path


At nuffield Health Gym Chichester, there is a massive amount of equipment and something to work every muscle in your body!

On a Monday I do a ‘Push session’, starting on the cross trainer for a warm up and to burn the calories, this warms me up to head to the Chest press machine, then onto a Chest press incline with the Barbell, the Shoulder press resistance machine is next then its a Military press followed by the Tricep press, I will then finish on the tread mill. Each exercise has 4 sets of ten reps

On Tuesday is a few lengths in the pool and then I head to the sauna


Wednesday I do a ‘Pull session’ starting with a warm up on the Rowing machine, then its on to the Lat pull-down,wide grip, then its back on the Rowing machine, on to the Dumbbells for one arm rows and Reverse flys, I will also be using machines that will help with my neck and shoulders and my posture, I will then finish on the Cross trainer

Thursday its back in the pool and I’m looking at starting a Pilates class too, this will help with my posture and help me when it comes to hours in the saddle

Friday is ‘Legs’ Starting with the treadmill then on the machines to work all the muscles in my legs, this is where I want to build more muscle and strength so I will really enjoy this session, I will finish with the Step machine

At the weekends its time in the saddle, and trying to get in as much mileage as possible, I’m looking into joining a local cycle club to get out with them and hopefully get in some pretty good rides and lots of hills, with the Autumn now with us the weather will be turning for the worse so I will also be using my turbo trainer for rain and wind free training, I’m aiming at getting up to two hundred miles over a weekend around 6 weeks before I head to the startline, added to this, at least another 100 miles during the week!!

So now its time for me to put a motivational playlist together with some thumping sounds to push me further!