Adding It All Up! A few facts and figures…

This week I have finally finished plotting my entire route for the whole of the 50 day challenge, which I am both very please with and very relieved to get this out of the way

But in doing so I have realised just how hilly the UK mainland actually is!

So with this in mind I have jotted down a few figures about my challenge!


My overall mileage is approximately 2655 miles, providing I don’t go too far off course!

As I just mentioned the UK mainland is very hilly and I will be riding several steep climbs, including two of the steepest passes in England!!

With all of the total elevation gain I ride every day added together this makes things quite shocking…. the total elevation is a jaw dropping 136325 ft, which is equal to 25.819 miles or 41.551 m or 41,551,860 mm
or to put it simpler, equal to over 4 and a half times the height of the worlds tallest mountain, Mount Everest, or just under the distance of the London marathon, or over 8. 6 times the height of Mount Blanc and 134 times higher than the shard in London!!


The wheels on my bike will be size 700c with a circumference of 2136mm, there are 1,609,344mm per mile, which means every mile I ride my wheels will turn approximately 753 revolutions per mile
meaning for the entire 50 days my wheels will turn a total of 1,999,215 times in total!!


I will be riding anywhere around 8 hours each day, some days I could be in the saddle for well over 10 hours due to the hills and uneven terrain, so this will burn a lot of energy and calories, around calories 6000 a day to be exact!

Burning 6000 calories a day is equal to 24 cheeseburgers a day! or losing 1.7 pounds in weight each day, a total of 85lbs over the 50 days, thats 6 stone in weight!!

I’m so thankful that PowerBar will be keeping me fully fuelled for my entire Challenge


Riding long days means sweating, and this needs to be replaced by drinking around 4ltrs of water per day, that is 200 ltrs of water over the 50 days, as well as water I will need to drink water with electrolytes in to avoid dehydration and muscle cramps

During my 50 day cycle I will be staying staying in 19 houses, 14 guest houses, 10 B&Bs, and 7 hotels


Along my way around the UK I will see 5 different seas, The English Channel, The North Atlantic Ocean, The Celtic Sea, The Irish Sea and The North Sea

I will ride through 11 of the UKs National Parks..
South Downs
New Forest
Brecon Beacons
Peak District
Loch Lomond
North York Moors
Yorkshire Dales

I will be riding over 26 of Britain’s largest Rivers
River Arun
Loch Ness
Great Ouse

I will also ride through 24 major cities and visit 16 cathedrals, and go through and see various sea side resorts, castles, churches, villages, famous land marks and ports and harbours

Finally, in between all the cycling I will ride my bike to the UKs tallest mountains, the national three peaks and climb those too.

Scafell Pike at a height of 978m, Mount Snowdon at 1085m and Ben Nevis at a height of 1345, the total total mountain height of 3408m
which is equal to the height of the mighty Mount Fuji!!


It would be great, to see anyone along any part of my challenge, so do drop me a message


I can be sponsored by Texting KSUK50 £10 to 70070

or at this link


All the best




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